HKSH Page Speed Test

人文學會 網站 速度測試

Supported Browser : Google Chrome

Retrieves HKSH (人文學會) profile name using the Google Plus API.


System information about the browser:

The platform property returns the browser platform (operating system):

The appVersion property returns version information about the browser:

The product property returns the product name of the browser.

Do not rely on it! Most browsers returns "Gecko" as product name!

The appCodeName property returns the code name of the browser.

Do not rely on it! "Mozilla" is the application code name for both Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera.

The appName property returns the application name of the browser:

Strange enough, "Netscape" is the application name for both IE11, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The cookieEnabled property returns true if cookies are enabled:

The language property returns the browser's language:

The javaEnabled method returns true if Java is enabled:

The onLine property returns true if the browser is online:

The userAgent property returns the user-agent header sent by the browser to the server:

The window.location object

Note: If the port number is default (80 for http and 443 for https), most browsers will display 0 or nothing.