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wpe3.gif (926 bytes) Philosophy in General

wpe1.gif (926 bytes) Western Philosophy

wpe2.gif (926 bytes) Chinese Philosophy

d-blue.gif (144 bytes) Buddhist Philosophy

※his page only lists those philosophical web sites in English. If you want to know about Chinese philosophical web sites, please refers to the parts of philosophical information of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in our site.

(I)Philosophy in General

1.Links to Philosophy in General
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)PhilosophySearch.com
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Internet Services for Philosophers
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy on the Web
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Research Institute for the Humanities - Philosophy(CUHK)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophical Recources on the Net
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Hopkins Philosophy Pages
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop

2.Electronic Texts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Alex (ACatalogue of Electronic Texts on the internet)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Valdosta State University's index of e-texts in philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Carnegie Mellon English Server
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Online Book Initiative
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Internet Wiretap
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Oxford Text Archive
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy Text Collection (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Etext directory
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)English etexts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Texts and Philosophers
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)On-line information about journals in philosophy and related disciplines(Peter Miline)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Analysis
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Mind
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Radical Philosophy(a journal of socialist and feminist philosophy)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy on the Net

3.Electronic Journals
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Philosophers' Web Magazine
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)EJAP: Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Online Journal of Ethics
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Post Modern Culture

4.Important Philosophical Problems
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Brown Electronic Article Reviews Service (BEARS)(on Moral and Political Philosophy)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Ethic Updates
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Euthanasia.com
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Euthanasia - Vess Fast Access
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Logic Daemon
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Metaphysics Research Lab
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Mind and Body
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Aesthetics on-line
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy of Science and Mathematics in Britain
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophical Anthropology
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Secular Web
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Talk. Origin Archive
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Sean's Christian Apologetics Page

5.Department of Philosophy in Various Universities
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Department of Philosophy(University of Columbia)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Edinburgh
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Erasmus University(Rotterdam)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Gothenburg
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)King's College London
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Liverpool University
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Catholic University of Leuven
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Queensland(Australia)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Sheffield University
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Sydney
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Warwick
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Waterloo
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)University of Western Ontario
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy Institute of NCU Taiwan

6.Philosophical Societies
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)American Association of Philosophy Teachers
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The American Philosophical Association
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The American Society for Aesthetics
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Canadian Philosophical Association
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Monist
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy Study Group

7.Philosophical Newsgroups or Forums
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)sci.philosophy.meta
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)talk.philosophy.misc
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)sci.philosophy.tech
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)comp.ai.philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Analytic Philosophy Forum
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy Study Group Forum

D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Australasian Philosophy Home Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The University of Chicago Philosophy Project
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)DialogNet
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Philosophers Gallery
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Spoon Collective
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Homepage for Thought Experiments
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Blackwell Publishers - Philosophy Resource Center (Beta) gopher://catfish.valdos.../11/ccr/subjv/phi/texts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The International Directory of On-line Philosophy Papers
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Philosophy News Services

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(II)Western Philosophy

1.Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Bryn Mawr Classical Review
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Plato and his dialogs
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Aristotle Books
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy

2.Modern Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)August Comte et le positivism(August Comte and Positivism)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Search Engine of Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding(RIH of CUHK)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Search Engine of Berkeley's A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge(RIH of CUHK)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Hegel Pages
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)E. Kant - Critique of Pure Reason
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Leibniz Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)G.W. Leibniz
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Kant Links
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Kant on the Web
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Kant's Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Search Engine of Immanuel Kant's Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone(RIH of CUHK)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Search Engine of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason(RIH of CUHK)

3.Contemporary Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Wittgenstein homepage
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Wittgenstein Archives
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Wittgenstein (Ng Wai Yan's Homepage)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Search Engine of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigation(RIH of CUHK)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Ereignis (Heidegger)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Nietzsche Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Friedrich Nietzsche Society
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Nietzsche Page at USC
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Nietzsche Pages at UM
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Karl Popper Web
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster University
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Schopenhauer Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Bertrand Russell Society
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Friedrich Nietzsche Society
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Husserl Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)John Dewey
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)John Dewey Links
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Kierkegaard on the Internet

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(III)Chinese Philosophy

1.Confucian Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Kong Zi - Confucius
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Confucius and Confucians
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)14Lectures on Chinese and Western Philosophy.
2.Taoist Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chang Tzu: A Chinese Pantheist
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)ChadHansen's Daoist Home Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Taoism Information Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Taoist Resource Center
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Alt.Philosophy.Taoism.FAQ
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Abode of the Eternal Tao

3.Other Chinese Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Classicl Chinese Philosophy(Course)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Schools of Thought
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese philosophy and arts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Philosophy Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)StephenC. Angle's Home Page.
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Instituteof Chinese Literature and Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)StevePalmquist's Home Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Bryan W. Van Norden
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Philosopyh Links
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)CHENG Chung-ying. Professor Philosophy Sakamaki C303: 956- 6081
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Philosophy and Whitehead
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Yin, Yang, the Tao, and Wholeness
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

4.Chinese Electronic Texts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)D.C. Lau's Mencius
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Index of Classics
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Tao Te Ching
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Thigpen? Art of War Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Philosophy Texts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)CharlesMuller's Translated Confucian Texts
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)WesleyanConfucian Etext Project

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(IV)Buddhist Philosophy

1.Buddhism in General
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Dharma Electronic Files Archives
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)BuddhaNet Homepage
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhist Information Service of New York
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhist Association of the United States
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhist Resource File
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhist Resources
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Overview of the Electronic Bodhidharma WWW Site
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhist Gopher

2.Chinese Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhism in Chinese Page
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Chinese Character Dictionary of Buddhist Terms
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Bibliography of Recent Work on Chinese Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)The Flower of Chinese Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts

3.Indian Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Impact of Early Indian Christianity on Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Reviving Buddhism in India
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Lecture 19 India Origins and Development of Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)A.K.Warder
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Buddhism in the History of Indian Ideas AOEM
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Resources for Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies

4.Other Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Thai Buddhism Information(Nectec, Thailand)
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Tibetan Buddhism
D-GREY.GIF (143 bytes)Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library

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